Posted by: The Simple Guy | January 14, 2015

Worldview Reality Check

Heather asked the girls to compare these two statements and asked if they are compatible and / or equivalent.
“God is love”
“Love is God”

As a family we had a good discussion. Here are my thoughts:

No, they are not equivalent.
No they are not compatible.

John 4 says love is from God before it says “God is love”. He is the cause. But I believe the statement that He is love is deeper than that. Will get to that in a minute.

To flip the script is to say that God is common and in all that is good. This is the mindset that finds God in a tree or a happy thought. He is in the smile of a child or a breath of fresh air.
This is close to the truth, but not quite. What we see in those things is a reflection. He is seen through these things but not in them.

You see, there are seraphim who circle His throne without ever being able to look upon Him. They never want to do anything but proclaim that He is Holy. In His presence there is no getting used to this. He is unique and “other” from all else. He is infinitely superior to all else. Far from common.

But God is also triune. The Father loves the Son. The Son loves the Spirit. The Spirit loves the Father. And the circle goes in the opposite direction as well. Infinitely and perfectly. Within the Godhead is infinite holy love. And we have been invited in.

To say Love is God is to drop our eyes downward and settle for what is common when we have been invited upward into that which is infinitely holy and pure.

Your thoughts?

The Simple Guy

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