Posted by: The Simple Guy | November 2, 2014

Pigsty Christianity

Re read this post an Internet friend put up years ago. Still good. Still true. Words still fail me.

Christ the Truth

Sermon audio – Luke 15LINK NOW WORKING

“Here we have a son devising a speech and a repayment plan to get his life back.  And what he is proposing is self-redemption.  He wants to stop being a younger brother type and to start being an older brother type.  He’s given up on the freedom lark, now he’ll try slaving.  But this is NOT the way back to Jesus.  The pigsty is NOT the turning point.

So often I hear evangelistic talks and they go something like this:  “You’ve made a mess of your life haven’t you?  You realize you can’t do life on your own don’t you?  Well then come to your senses.  Pick yourself up out of the pigsty, make some resolutions to try really hard for God.  And return to Him using this prayer that is guaranteed to win God’s favour.  You’ll have to promise to behave…

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