Posted by: The Simple Guy | June 19, 2011

A Father’s Day Challenge:


It’s “Father’s Day”

We who are fathers have been given a priceless and weighty task. We represent God the Father to our families. Now I am not saying literally that we are to stand if His place. But what I am saying is that we have been given the charge to reflect God to our families. Whenever someone speaks of “God the Father” to one of our children, the first face they will see is ours, then they will think of God, too. The first emotions they will remember will relate to us. When someone speaks of the forgiveness of “The Father”, will our children relate? Or will they find that concept to be an oxymoron? When they hear of our Heavenly Father always being there, will they remember the Dad who wasn’t ever there? When they hear of our Heavenly Father’s justice, will they remember our integrity? Or will that be another hard one to contemplate?

Now I realize that Father’s Day is different in every home. For some it is awkward. For some it is just plain sad. For others it is joyful. I’m not trying to dredge up all of the bad from your past, as a child or a Father. Simply challenging you to look forward and re-commit to be the Father God wants you to be. Let’s pray for one another that God will turn our hearts to our children and that we will be good examples of who He is for them to see.

Whatever we do, let’s not take it lightly. I don’t know about you, but I’m at my worst when I have that “I deserve a break today, and you are all lucky to have me around” attitude.

Not a demand, just a challenge.



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