Posted by: The Simple Guy | May 24, 2011

Well, that didn’t take long. . .

So now it’s May 24th, and we find out that the rapture happened after all, (it was just a spiritual judgment) and the Oct 21 deadline is going to happen on schedule.

As I said Sunday, it would be really easy to poke fun at this, but I won’t.  Instead, let’s discuss this a little.

I am going to assume that Mr. Camping actually believes what he is saying.  I assume that because that is my personal assessment of the situation having watched a few clips.  I don’t know the man.

We have seen a glaring example of what it looks like when someone goes beyond Scripture, and what fools they can make of themselves.  I had someone I don’t believe is a Christian ask me point-blank today, “What’s wrong with you people?  Can’t this (blankety-blank) read?  I don’t even read the Bible, and I know of two places where the Bible says no one knows the day, not even Jesus!”  I replied that I wasn’t one of “those people”, and that I agree, the Bible says no one knows.  From there, I pointed out that if we read the rest of what Jesus said, it could be today.  I mused that it makes a person want to be ready, and that it is a good idea to know what Scripture actually says.  I said this man is standing on the world stage and looking foolish.  Someday we will all stand before God.  How will we look? (he changed the subject. . .)

My point is this:

An unbeliever was able to compare this theology with Scripture and see that it doesn’t add up.  What if my theology was on the nightly news tonight?  Would it hold up?  How about yours?  Have we convinced ourselves of things we want to believe because we have always heard it, or always thought it, and in so doing ignored the straight forward or plain understanding of  what the Scripture actually says?

It’s easy to point at others.  Have we examined ourselves?

Just sayin’ . . .

What do you think?



Jesus started his answer to the Disciples about end times by saying:

Mat 24:4 ESV
(4) And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray.”

Almost as if this is the primary danger. . .


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