Posted by: The Simple Guy | May 22, 2011

Well, it’s May 22nd. . .

Many of you may have heard of the recent prediction of doomsday being upon us as of May 21.

Squirrel posted a couple of times about it, and I can’t add much to what he had to say.  He has spoken the truth in love, and I admire both what he said, and how he said it.

It would be tempting to poke fun at them, and I am sure many will.  That’s easy.  Doesn’t take much character or intelligence to do that.  But my take is a bit different.

First, I did not at all believe for a second that May 21st was the day.  Jesus said no one knows the date, except the Father.  I woke up to a strange thought Saturday morning.  “For the first time in my life, I am pretty sure Jesus isn’t coming today, but maybe tomorrow. . .”

Second, I have no respect for Harold Camping.  He is obviously a false teacher. He is fortunate that he did not live under the Old covenant.  We would have to stone him now. . .  However, I am praying for him.  I pray that God will grant him repentance.  Every one of us can make as big of a fool of ourselves if we don’t walk hand in hand with the Father. . .

Third,  I admire the faith of Camping’s followers.  I don’t admire their study, but I do admire their faith.  Not that I think we should sell all that we have for an advertising campaign, but what if it cost you your house to reach one more soul?  Would you sell it?  I have thought about this a lot in the past couple of weeks.

If you were deceived by Camping and are now destitute, feel free to contact me.  I am not a rich man, just live paycheck to paycheck.  But I will do what I can.  And my God will supply according to His riches in Glory.

Pray for those who are now disillusioned.  When we lose our illusions, often it is God’s sweet mercy.  Sometimes the light shines brighter as a result.  I have had God tear away some of my illusions from time to time, and painful as it is, I would not go back. . .

No gloating here, just hope.  He is faithful who promised.

Come Lord Jesus!!




  1. A good word. Reminds me of Paul’s warning to not think more highly of myself than I ought. And the admonition (in Galatians, I think) to engage in correcting the error of others with humility in order to avoid falling into sin while trying to “fix” someone else.

    what if it cost you your house to reach one more soul? Would you sell it? I have thought about this a lot in the past couple of weeks.

    The intensity of devotion displayed by followers of certain false teachers really can put to shame the often half-hearted effort I put into serving the Lord. The questions that arise upon self-examination can be disturbing.

    Hiram had in interesting video posted in which Mr. Camping and some of the people in his group were interviewed.

    For some reason, the mildness of personality and apparent sincerity of Mr. Camping kind of surprised me and underscored the reality that not only is religious self-deception a very real danger (for any of us), but also that the more dangerous forms of false teaching can come from really, really “nice” people. The niceness can really create an appearance of genuine Christian truth.

  2. […] As I said Sunday, it would be really easy to poke fun at this, but I won’t.  Instead, let’s discuss this a little. […]

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