Posted by: The Simple Guy | April 15, 2011

More playing around with audio files

My brother-in-law and I have been playing around in his sound studio.  He sent these files home with me.  One is the same song in the last post, just our last toying around with it.

This song has been rattling around inside me since we started preaching through John’s Gospel about 3 years ago.  Finally about a month ago, it sort of jelled into something that I could actually put to music.

John introduced Jesus as “the Word.”  A word is a concept or idea that is communicated.  Jesus came to show us the Father.  He didn’t cup His hands around His mouth from Heaven and shout the answer down to us.  He came and showed us the answer in skin.  He communicated Who He is by living among us.  The book of John is so full of “one liners” that help us see the Father.

This song is sort of long, almost 7 minutes (probably never be on the radio) 🙂 but I just couldn’t cut any more of the one liners out.  He showed us so much about the Father!  I want to spend eternity learning this Word.

The other is a song I wrote about 4 years ago.  We worked on it a couple of times back then, but I am just now figuring out how to put it on the blog.

In Jesus’ day (what a obsurd phrase, they are all His)  But when He was here in body, they had “arranged marriages” sort of.  But what would happen was something like this.

A young man would notice the girl he wanted to marry.  He would go to his father and express his desire to marry her.  He and his father would go to her father, and make a proposal.  He would make an offer, so to speak.  The offer was to “purchase” her.  But understand, the reason for this was to demonstrate his ability to care for her.  If he can’t afford to pay a price to marry her, he can’t afford to take care of her.  It wasn’t like he sized her up and said, “Look, she is worth a donkey and two sheep” and then they would haggle over price. (Imagine the wedding night when you have to explain that!!) It was more like this:  “Look, I’m a carpenter and I build things.  You need a barn built.  You would normally pay for it, but I will demonstrate my ability to take care of her by building your barn.  You will see that she is in good hands by my ability to perform my profession.”  Or perhaps he raised beef.  He would give fine cattle as a demonstration of his profession.

After that deal was agreed upon, the bride had her opportunity to turn it all down.  This happened at a meal that would be eaten together with the proposed bride, groom, and both fathers present.  If she ate the meal, she was “proclaiming” the price paid for her until he would come for her.  He would then go and build their house.  When his father approved of the house, he would come and catch her away to their home where the wedding would be celebrated.

Jesus paid a price like that for us.  His sacrifice for me was to purchase me.  Not because of my worth, but as a demonstration of his ability to care for me.  And I need exactly what He paid.  That concept is what is behind this song.

It has been on the blog before, but the link to the external file expired, so now I have put it on again.

Interested to hear your input.




  1. Was great to hear this song! It is evident that God is really working in your life. I pray that you continue to keep your heart tender to His leading

  2. Thanks Jack,
    Hope you and your family are well. Haven’t heard from you in a while.

  3. Oh, Craig
    I am so blessed to hear the depth of and yet simplicity of your devotion to the Lord and His Word! Hallelujah! My heart is blessed as I remember your songs you sang when you were little ~ I can still hear your child’s voice singing at the top of your lungs for all to hear, “To God be the Glory!” and now the man sings with such tenderness and love for the God he loves! I love you, Aunt Janie

  4. Thanks Aunt Janie,
    Hadn’t thought about “To God Be The Glory” for awhile. Will have to work on that one some more.
    Looking forward to next summer.

  5. I was going to listen to your songs again but I can’t find them ~ do you have a CD yet, Craig?

  6. ok, I see your songs now ~ thanks, Craig

    • I don’t
      Probably a long way off if ever.

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