Posted by: The Simple Guy | April 2, 2011

One Word


This is a song I wrote.  Sort of works through the themes of the Gospel of John.

Let me know what you think.




  1. having trouble getting the audio file to play. Sorry . . .

  2. It played for me, and I like it. I want to listen to it again. I presume this is you singing and playing. Your voice is sweet without being unmanly.

    The song contains lots and lots of good content.

  3. Thanks Jim.
    Yes, it is me singing and playing. My brother in law has recording equipment and this is our first try at recording the song. We laid down two tracks, one of the guitar and one voice. Later this week we hope to get the chance to fine tune some. I hear some harmony, and would like to try a couple of other things musically but have not played with his set-up, so I don’t know what it will turn out like. Stay tuned
    A couple of years ago, we preached through the Gospel of John in our church. The idea for this song started back then. I had toyed with it for a while a couple of times since, but nothing would come together. Then about a month ago my younger brother sort of gave me a bit of a shove and I started working on it again. Now the chorus is going round and round in my head. . .


  4. Very nice, & it played fine for me.


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