Posted by: The Simple Guy | December 24, 2010

Will there be Christmas lights in Heaven?

We don’t “do Christmas” in our home.  I know, there are those who follow that by making the case for Christmas’ pagan origins, etc.

I’m not like that. But when we became aware of those origins a few years back, Heather and I did some real soul-searching about what the Lord would have us do in our home.  The answer for us was much more down to earth than that.  We decided to just take a year off from the hustle and bustle, gifts, tree, – and re-evaluate our own Christmas traditions here at home.

That was four or five years ago, and we are still taking Christmas off.

What we found surprised us.  Less is more.  Now before you tune me out all together, hear me out for a minute.

What we found, was that we had been so busy trying to get the whole list taken care of, and make all of the rounds, and make all of the confections . . . we were so busy and so focused on the temporal things, that while we said one thing, we were actually teaching our children another.  We were teaching self-indulgence.

But when we don’t let the glitz and glamor of “the season”  make our decisions for us, we have time to notice what is going on around us.

So it isn’t that we don’t give gifts to anyone, or don’t celebrate with anyone.  We do.  But what we concentrate on is watching for opportunities to live what is important, even now.  Even at Christmas.

When you slow down and pay attention to what is going on around you, there are two things that happen.

First, you see when people are in need.  We miss so much when we are so hurried, and busy, and self-absorbed.

Second, you have time (and probably more resources) to do something about the need.

I’m not going to say more about that, because the rewards are waiting later, I don’t want to tell you now and spoil it.

But what about the kids?  Don’t they miss the gifts?

Well, let me tell you a story.

Last week as I was driving home from town with one of my daughters, I realized that she especially likes Christmas lights.  I had never noticed it before, but she was really enjoying the displays in various yards as we went through the countryside.  I thought they were rather plain myself, but she was just absolutely overjoyed every time we saw another lit up house and yard.  She asked me, “Daddy, do you think there will be Christmas lights in Heaven?”

“I don’t know, what do you think?”

“Well, we won’t need them”

“What are we supposed to be celebrating?”

“Jesus’ birthday”

“Do you think we’ll celebrate Jesus’ birthday in Heaven”

– her eyes got big and expressive –

“I think it will be the biggest birthday party EVER!!”

“Yeah, and it will be on the right day, too!!”  (we both laughed, because we have no idea what day He was born – we’ll have to ask Him)

So tonight, she and I took a drive through the countryside looking at Christmas lights.  She was absolutely thrilled!  We talked about Heaven, and we still wonder if there will be lights.   We both think that if there is ever a reason to put lights up in Heaven, it will be to celebrate the King’s birthday.  I hope we get to walk, drive, stroll, fly – whatever the mode of transportation – through Heaven’s countryside and look at Christmas lights.  I’m looking forward to setting time aside every year with my daughter who especially loves them.

So that was her Christmas present from Dad.  And you know what, she loved it.

But we wouldn’t have had time if there was a bunch of stuff under the tree distracting her – or me – from Him.

So, will there be Christmas lights in Heaven?  I don’t know.   But I sure hope so.




  1. Great observations Craig!…..We are so often caught up in the world’s “required” busyness, that we miss the opportunity to stop and meditate on Him who all things are by and for!!

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