Posted by: The Simple Guy | August 13, 2010

So what do we need to do now?

I had a friend e-mail me this week and ask what I thought of Paul Washer.

Well, I won’t get into the details of that, but let me say that in this interview, I believe we hear the man’s heart, and I agree completely with what he says there.

I am certain that if Mr. Washer and I sat down and discussed theology, I would not agree with everything he said.  But that isn’t the point.  (not sure I could win a debate with the man, he’s pretty passionate and incredibly intelligent!)

I will say however, that I think we need more of this in America today.

Your thoughts?




  1. Craig,

    Very good points! I certainly agree with his observation that we desperately need Biblically saturated preachers and preaching in our day. I have also personally witnessed what he spoke of concerning the interest of young people in the deep doctrinal truths of the faith. I have been to many conferences in which I saw a large percentage of young singles and couples attending. This is a great encouragement to see in a time when it is easy to dwell on the negative! God is still just as powerful and able as ever!

  2. I much appreciate Mr. Washer’s heart for Christ and his desire to point people to Jesus as our only hope.

  3. I don’t know a lot about Mr. Washer, but everything I know is good. Much of what he says is the same as what my pastor keeps saying: That real salvation results in real change; that real pastors get their direction from God’s word.

  4. I have heard a different version of the same interview. I have listened to many of his messages, some 5 or 6 times. There are times I think “I can’t go there with you – yet”, but if I didn’t like what he was saying, I would not be listening to his teachings over and over and over. His teaching on the gospel has changed my entire outlook. We do need a lot more of this in the church today, we are “ignorant”. I am challenged to be in the Word all the more just to understand the gospel.

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