Posted by: The Simple Guy | August 12, 2010

They think we’re crazy!

I do not remember everything that was in this movie.  I watched it several years ago.  I don’t agree with the main point made in the movie.  But this scene is one of my favorites of all the movies I’ve watched:

I’m not of this world.  I have a different teacher.

When trials come, what has He taken from me?

My illusions.  Father, please take them.  I want to see as you see.

So many times I approach God with arrogance, as though I am in control.  But in that mode, I am not teachable.  He must take my illusions before I can see His truth.  I am so thankful he does.

Don’t be surprised when the world doesn’t understand you.  We aren’t playing by the same rules.




  1. They Think We’re Crazy!

    In my case, “they” would probably be correct. 😉

    I have to admit that particular scene has stayed with me as well.

    Interesting how even the secular realm can be so right on in some areas.

    Having the illusions stripped away can be incredibly painful–especially when it leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable. But it’s far better to have the lies and imitation reality removed now.

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