Posted by: The Simple Guy | May 16, 2010

The Scriptures Are Sufficient

Last time I posted a section of this interview, I stirred things up a bit.  Not my intention, but definitely the effect.

The discussion continued here, and here.

I was blessed by this section of the interview as well.

Two extremes: Cowardice, and lovelessness.

Paul the apostle said that the Love of God constrained him.

Do we need the truth?  YES, A THOUSAND TIMES, YES!

But the truth without love only inoculates your hearers from the truth.  What a terrible fate that is!

I’m not saying that I agree with everything Mr Washer says.  But what I love about this is his heart.  He truly seems to love God, and he loves the lost.  This is the heart of Christ.  Seems like a real life example of the Love of God constraining one so that he pleads, “be reconciled to God!”




  1. the truth without love only inoculates your hearers from the truth

    It’s really difficult to find the right balance, isn’t it? I often find myself slipping into “lecture” mode with the kids and can tell when their minds begin to wander off. Then I feel guilty and overcompensate by not correcting quickly the next time.

    Teaching is so much more pleasant and productive when hearts on both ends are engaged.

  2. Washer is hard to top. Great video.

  3. Welcome to my site RT.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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