Posted by: The Simple Guy | February 23, 2010

That Place Where God’s Blessing Is

Saturday morning I got to share breakfast with my Dad.  He was expressing to me his desire to live in the place where God’s blessing is.  He described what he meant by saying that if Abraham could watch the evening news about the middle east, he would have made a different decision about going in to Hagar, and Ishmael would not have been born.  Then he observed how it is that the person making decisions is not usually the one who benefits most from living in that blessed place, nor are they the one who suffers most from not living in that place that is blessed.

Again, think of Abraham.  God blessed Abraham when Abraham believed God, and Christ came from that blessing.  The whole world has benefited from that blessing, and much more than Abraham did.  Also, there has been so much suffering down through the ages as the result of Abraham choosing to try to fulfill God’s promise in his own flesh.  Much more suffering than Abraham experienced.

Dad was talking about decisions he makes.  He has realized that his own decisions will be felt more by those around him than by himself.  He asked me to pray for him specifically that he would know where that place is.  That place of God’s blessing.

What brought this about?  What details of life have him thinking this way?

Dad has cancer.  He was diagnosed some time back, and has been trying a holistic approach.  Not because he is against doctors, that is just what he felt God wanted him to do.  Well, things are getting worse, and Dad has some decisions to make.  He could continue on now with the current approach, and the prognosis isn’t good.  He could take aggressive and expensive action, and maybe be cured or extend his days, but no guarantee there either.  God could just heal him.  Or God could sustain him when doctors don’t know why.  Who knows what God’s plan is?

If Dad dies, he leaves Mom alone.  He goes to Heaven, and she suffers.  He said that is really the most difficult part of the decision.  He knows what he wants if it was just about him.   If he loses a long expensive battle, she still suffers, and would have bills she has no way to pay on top of it all.  Well, God is bigger than the bills, we know that from experience.  But is that God’s plan?

Dad’s prayer isn’t, “God heal me”  It is that he wants to live in that place where God’s blessing is.

Oh to have that desire in the face of insurmountable difficulty.

Will you be praying with us?




  1. Yes.

  2. Our hearts ache.

    Thanks for sharing Craig.

    We are praying.

    Love you guys…

  3. Thanks Natasa,
    Karina, Dad’s faith in trial is excruciatingly beautiful. To look him in the eyes and know that this world is fading from view. It is like a beautiful sunset that you want to watch forever, but it won’t be there, so you don’t want to even blink.

  4. Craig,

    I am reminded again of the tremendous comfort of our heavenly hope! As Paul said, “if in this life only we had hope in Christ, we would of all men be most miserable.”
    I will certainly be in prayer.

  5. Thanks Tom,
    Yes, He is our Hope.

  6. Your dad has always been a blessing to us all; keep us updated – we will be praying, that is a very difficult thing to contemplate. My brother told me something really cool about 30 minutes ago when Job says “Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him…”

  7. Hey Craig!

    That is tuff. Paul said “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. To be with Christ is far better, but what is needful is to remain here to help you (his audience)”. While Paul, especially with his trials and infirmities would have much rather been absent from the body and present with the Lord, I suppose he was content to hang out, and even struggle to live, so that his charges would be cared for. That was his DUTY, and until the Lord specifically called him home, he did not have a choice.
    None the less, it is a painful battle. Your father will do the right thing. The beautiful thing is that Jesus is in your father and with your father and knows exactly what he is going through. I will be in prayer for him Craig.

    I’ll bet Bobby would like to know about him, if he doesn’t already.

    Your Brother

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