Posted by: The Simple Guy | January 16, 2010

Not for who I am, but because of Who You are

Below is a link to a song I wrote a few years ago. (Actually the only one I have ever written and recorded) The recording is a bit rough, but the message was life changing for me. Hope you enjoy.

I wrote this song about a week after watching Mel Gibson’s “The Passion.”

Now it is not my intention to endorse or condemn the movie. Neither is my intention to argue with you about whether or not it was a good idea to go see it. This is just what bubbled up within me after watching it. I went to the movie expecting to somehow gain a better understanding of what Jesus did for me. After watching a man-made replica of what happened, I realized that I am so shallow. I walked away feeling so small and insignificant, so petty, so ignorant. Even had I been there for the real thing, I would not have been capable of grasping what happened. Kind of like a little kid in the room when Mom and Dad are talking. Yea, I was there, but I didn’t understand much of what went on. This was a conversation between God the Father and God the Son that began before the foundation of the world. I don’t get it, but I am so glad I received it.


P.S. I think you have to have windows media player to listen to it. The title of the song is “Because Of Who You Are”



  1. Craig,

    You’ve been blessed with some real talent there! I was blessed by the song! Excellant!

  2. Thanks Tom,
    Praise our Savior, the Glory is His.

  3. So good to hear your voice….
    And the message of the song 🙂

    We love you!

  4. Miss you guys Karina.

    Love you guys, too.


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