Posted by: The Simple Guy | December 10, 2009

Stained Glass Prodigal

Normally, I commute about 15 minutes a day to work.  However, this last week I have been asked to go help out at another of our locations, which means I am driving 90 minutes one way.   An up side to this has been longer times to think, more solitary time.  I dug out a cd I haven’t listened to for quite a while and was listening to it on my way today.  I noticed a song on it that I never really listened to before.  (I had my two favorites that I pretty much wore out around here)

Anyhow, this was on before, and sort of in the back of my mind when I heard the one I hadn’t noticed before.  Have to listen to it first.

We don’t really tend to think of our masquerade as being a prodigal, but it is.  Here is the second song, the one I hadn’t noticed before:

When we recognize that we are not worthy to be called sons, we will find it easier to help those around us.  Not with all the answers, but with The Answer.

I’ve been here before, when words aren’t there and all you can do is cry too.   And call out to Jesus on their behalf.

Mike (my brother) was talking to me the other day about how we often walk by heartache because we feel powerless to help.  OF COURSE WE ARE POWERLESS!  That is why we take them to Jesus.  He is the one who raised the dead and multiplied the bread for 5000 people.  Don’t wait until you have it all figured out to reach out and help, just take them to Jesus!

All songs are from Casting Crowns album Lifesong.

Will probably get back to regular posting soon, lots on my mind and heart, but as the sidebar says, until I’m ready to say it simply, I’m not ready to talk about it.  However, you can hear my heart in these songs, if you can’t read my mind.




  1. A very edifying blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ike,
    I visited your blog, and found it edifying, too.

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