Posted by: Heather | November 2, 2009

Random thoughts

I have been following a discussion that happened on Heather’s blog the other day. In that discussion, I posted this comment. Thought I would post it here. The discussion was about God’s glory. Is it something He receives, or something that emanates from Him, or both? This discussion was on my mind as I drove to work one morning this week and I posted this comment describing the progression of the thought.

If (probably should say since) everything is all about God’s glory. . and if it is true that to glorify God is simply to show Him more clearly for who He is. . . then would it be true that everything God created displays a part of Him in a unique way? Now I realize that there are a couple of “ifs” here, and that these are my musings, not inspired text. But bear with me for a minute. For instance, we start to glimpse a vision of how big God is when we look at the universe, and then read that he calls it the “works of his fingers” or we get a glimpse if his attention to detail when we examine DNA – then realize that the DNA we are examining is derived from some that is derived from some, and so on, from something like 6 to 10 thousand years ago. Follow me here?

OK, let’s ask another question. Why did he make us? What is it about God that is uniquely displayed by mankind? He knew we would fall. Jesus is described as crucified before the foundation of the world. So the plan for redemption was in place before “let there be light”

I think of when Moses asked God to show him His glory. We don’t know if there was a sound. We don’t know if it was deafening or absolutely silent. We don’t know if God’s glory had a color, or if there was a specific scent. What IS recorded for us . . the detail we do have about God’s glory in relation to mankind. . God’s glory covered Moses when Moses could not cover himself. Without this covering, Moses was a dead man!

I think the one aspect of God that is uniquely displayed in mankind is God’s mercy and grace, we might call it his love. We are so pitiful, yet so arrogant. We are so privileged, yet so ungrateful. Yet in my arrogant, filthy, vile, existence – while I was His sworn enemy – He reached down and saved me! I had to pull over and weep for a bit. Oh the riches of his grace beyond measure! I can’t define it, I don’t understand it. I don’t even know how much I don’t deserve it. But PRAISE GOD I HAVE IT!

One final thought. When discussing God’s glory, we should keep in mind that we are not discussing someone who is not present at the time. He is here, and listening.

What do you think?



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