Posted by: Heather | October 29, 2009

A few more. . .

Here are some more Yellowstone pics.

This picture was taken just before Annika’s “rest” I mentioned in my previous post. This was on a walkway that was about 3/4 of a mile. This leg of the walk was on a south slope in the direct sun. It was pretty hot there, with little shade. We went by a small tree, and she decided to rest in the shade. Her rest lasted all of 15 seconds, and then it was back to full speed ahead. Typical Annika. I loved it!

We kept trying to get a good close-up of a buffalo. This was the best one. (all from inside the vehicle of course) 🙂

A golden eagle. Hard to appreciate how big it is. There were some bald eagles not far away. This eagle was a head taller than they were. Pretty amazing!

Did I mention we got to see “the squirrel” on this trip? Actually, we saw lots of squirrels in Yellowstone. I think they actually run the place behind the scenes.

Anybody know what this critter is? Looked like a chipmunk, but was a bit larger than a squirrel.

This spike elk was still in velvet. Seemed strange, as it was the middle of Sept and the mature bulls were in rut.

This was by far the wildest and most dangerous creature we saw on the trip. Look at those teeth!

Maybe more later.



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