Posted by: Heather | September 5, 2009

in awe of HIM

It’s been a full week for me. For those of you who don’t know me, I run a production floor on the finishing side of a sawmill. I currently oversee 24 people on a production team that works 60 hours per week. (essentially two teams that each work 40 hours, with half of the hours overlapping.)

We introduced a new product line at the request of one of our customers this week. We have been in the development phase for about a month. This product is a higher grade than our usual run, and presents some big challenges to our operation. Now usually I am scheduled to work about 45 hours per week. But this new product line meant I needed to be there for most of the time with both teams. Not just long hours, long challenging hours. We are a typical production crew, we have people who don’t like each other, the political struggles, you get the picture. There were some very intense moments this week.

Add to that the fact that our company owner decided to conduct a tour with the city fathers (mayor, city council, etc.) on the first day of this new product run. Many of the things we were doing were still in the test phase. (no pressure there!) So, not only are we in Research and Development mode, we have to come off without a hitch first time and make it look easy!!

OK, add to that an elder board meeting for our church on Monday that ended at 10pm (by the way a very refreshing meeting, I am so blessed to serve with these guys – but the day started at 3am, ended at 11pm by the time I got home – then our first trial run of the new product first thing next morning)

Ok, add to THAT my daughter’s birthday on Thursday (Tobey turned 7).

And as if that isn’t enough, the family car needed to go to the mechanic this week. (is there now as a matter of fact, was supposed to be done today, but maybe tomorrow. . . )

Like I said – a full week.

I got home from this and sat down to listen to one of my favorite youtube sites I found this. (Keep in mind that I have been struggling with managing a production line – politics and all – all week. The last couple of sentences brought me to my knees in awe. “as lite as a feather”)



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