Posted by: Heather | August 2, 2009

Our Adventure

Yesterday we went huckleberry picking. We left the house at about 11am, and got started in the woods by 12:30 pm. We found some pretty good picking spots, but they had already been picked by others (bears or people – I think people). So there were little patches here and there where who ever was there before missed where the picking was awesome, and then most of the bushes were picked clean. But as we scouted around, picked some, drove more, and then picked, we got about 2 and a half gallons of berries. At the last spot, Ruby was ready for a nap, so I put her in her car seat and let her sleep while I read a book and listened to the radio. Note to self: start the car now and then if you do that. I new I was in trouble when the radio stopped playing. You guessed it, the battery was dead. So, here we are; all 7 of us more than 10 miles back in the woods with a dead battery. I had to walk about 2 miles back out to get cell service, and then started calling for help. I wondered at the time, who will be near a phone on Friday night? Well, I got in touch with one friend, (first one to come to mind, because the Forest Service road we were on leaves the main road right next to his driveway) but he was 40 miles away. He said he would call me back when he got home, so we wouldn’t have to spend the night up there, and I thanked him, but kept calling. (my cell phone battery was pretty low too, but I didn’t tell him that) Finally, I got in touch with two young men from our church and they came up and gave us a jump. These fellows are brothers, one about 16, and one about 20 or 21. Imagine a couple of guys that age not out playing on Friday night! I mentioned to Heather on the way down the mountain that it was pretty impressive to me, but knowing their character I wasn’t surprised either. She mentioned something about making them a huckleberry cheesecake . . .

Well, not much of an adventure, but it kept us from being bored, and my bed sure felt good last night.



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