Posted by: Heather | July 19, 2009

Queen Mountain

We went up to Queen Mountain today. This was about a 2 mile hike one way. From the top of Queen Mountain you can see Bonners Ferry to the south, the Selkirk Mountains to the west as well as the Kootenai River. (Alicia is pointing west in the picture below) You can also see the Moyie River to the east, and looking north you can see into Canada.
Tyson decided to take some time and rest in this picture.
Not all was sunshine and flowers on the way up. Annika still wasn’t quite sure this was such a good idea.
I don’t believe in bribing children, but sour gummy worms are proven to improve one’s mood.
I have proven it myself over long hours of testing.
Half way up to the peak there is a lake. Here we are watching Tyson while he tried his luck with his fishing pole.
Ruby had a smile every time Heather looked at her.
While we were taking a break by the lake, Tobey noticed this lady bug. It looked like a huckleberry. This was by far the biggest lady bug I have ever seen, and it was even purple and didn’t have spots!

This is the lake, Tyson has fishing down to an art. Not about catching anything, it is about the relaxation.

This picture is from the peak taken toward the east. The mountains in the background are in Montana.

This picture is taken toward the south. Bonners Ferry is in this one.

This picture is taken looking north east. In the far left you are looking at Canada. The Moyie river is visible in the valley.

On the way back, we were walking down the trail. The foliage has grown over the top of the trail, and it seems like you are in a green tunnel.
We saw this in the mud on our way in. But it is just a small bear track, so we continued.


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