Posted by: Heather | July 11, 2009

Pyramid Lake

We hiked up to Pyramid Lake today as a family. About a mile and a half each way. Those with short legs struggled some, but we all enjoyed it.
I noticed there was some grass growing up through a patch of snow along the way. Pretty cool, huh?

I took these photos on my camera phone, so the quality isn’t so good. Nothing like an alpine lake, though. So crystal clear you can see the bottom.

Hope you enjoy the photos.




  1. Is that up on Ruby Ridge above Copper Falls?

  2. It's a trail that takes off of the end of Trout Creek Road.

    What is the Ruby Ridge hike like?


  3. *groaaaan* I dont mean to complain, but I really really really wish we couldve been there! I dont think I'll show Jayde these ones, it would be too much for her little heart! She talks about her cousins alla time.

    It looks breathtakingly beautiful…mmm, I can smell the pines if I try hard enough (wait, thats my air freshner).

    Looks like a great family outing. There is just something about walking through Gods creation with those you love that is so very special.

    Again, I'll take 2 bottles of that air, and a packet of sunshine. Express post please.

    Love you all! Miss you muchly!

  4. You just take the Copper Falls road all the way up the mountain and at some point you will see a spot to pull over (probably a big sign) and you can do an easy hike back to a mountain lake. You should take a gun though – people see bears and moose up there quite often…

  5. Beautiful pictures, must have been a wonderful day!


  6. Yes, it was a neat outing. The mill is on 4 day weeks this summer, so I get 3 day weekends each week. Trying to get some hiking in with the family on Fridays.

    We tried going up to Pyramid about 3 weeks ago, but there were large patches of the trail with quite a bit of snow on them. Wouldn't have stopped me, but it was quite a trek for Annika (she's only 4) I ended up carrying her about half of the way back to the Suburban.

    This time, only Ruby wasn't walking, but she's only 1. All in all a wonderful day. Tyson even got to pack one of the revolvers this time!


  7. You guys look like such a nice family, and you are really blessed to live near such a beautiful place!

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