Posted by: Heather | March 31, 2009

An assignment for those who care to try

Heather and I were talking last night, and I gave her an assignment. Thought some of you might like to take part.

How do you recognize a false prophet? I have seen people go to extremes on both sides of this topic. On one hand, there are those who catch someone in one mistake, or an area they personally disagree with and brand that teacher a false prophet. On the other hand, there are some who don’t seem to have any objective standard at all and just label any teaching as “an interesting perspective” and go on. Is there an objective standard? Where do we draw the line? As before, support it with Scripture.

I look forward to your thoughts.




  1. Mary,You are definitely welcome to leave comments. You always have such a sweet spirit, and wisdom as well.Craig

  2. I’m studying. 🙂H

  3. Well, if someone does any teaching that cannot be backed up by the Bible, or goes against the Bible, those are pretty good indications of a false prophet. A good sign is they seem to want the glory instead of giving the glory to God. Another is what they do with Jesus.False prophets want to focus on what they have to say instead of Scripture. Just my thoughts

  4. Good thoughts Mark,I agree. I plan on posting about this soon, but Heather wants to post the findings of her assignment first, so I better wait. I have found some surprising things as I looked at this topic a while back. (at least surprising to me)Craig

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