Posted by: Heather | March 18, 2009

Your Turn Again

I would like to ask those of you who frequent this blog for your opinions on a topic Heather and I have been discussing.

Are Christians supposed to keep the Sabbath? If so, what day is it? Support your answer from Scripture.

One rule. No fighting. We are putting our opinions out there for each other to consider, but we are not attacking each other. Understood? Good.

I look forward to reading your thoughts. Don’t be shy 🙂




  1. Hehehe. No answers from me yet. I still have to study this for myself. I am positive that I can study the Bible and learn all that is necessary for me to become a child of God and live an obedient life. However, it is amazing how few “answers” I have since realizing the need to search the scriptures personally rather than rely on someone else’s impressive argument.Thanks for your willingness to work with me on this!Love you,Heather

  2. Keep studying Heather,Thanks for the comment Mary. Very well laid out. It appears you have thought this through.Anybody else?Craig

  3. It is so late I should not post without studying, but the scripture off the top of my head comes out of Romans. One man considers one day more sacred than the rest, another man considers them all sacred…the important thing is the faith and heart of the man, not what he does. They both express their faith to honor God, that is what is important…when we get away from this, it becomes just a faithless ritual, a legalistic type worship if you can call it that. Anyway…God is not so concerned with how we honor him, just that we honor him in all that we do (I Cor 10:31?). If my sabbath does not honor God, it is meaningless to both God and myself.One last thought from my supervisor…He talked to me about resting in the Lord (sabbath) a few days ago. He said, “how can we rest in the Lord if we do not even know him?”. Christians have a serious problem with the sabbath because in the end, most of us truly do not even know him.

  4. Good thoughts Lyle,You are referring to Romans 14. Some key phrases in this passage: Each should be fully convinced in his own mind. (verse 5) Make up your mind not to put a stumbling block in front of your brother. (verse 13) Blessed is he who does not condemn himself by what he approves. (verse 22) What ever does not come from faith is sin. (verse 23)I would say that those who would say we are required to continue keeping the sabbath (like the Israelites did) have a difficult task in explaining how Paul put it in Romans 14 about disputable matters. However, some do have a pretty good answer for this, as they say Paul wasn’t talking about the one day in seven, but was talking about the feasts, etc.Good thoughts. Any one else?Craig

  5. Yeah, I always got the impression he was talking about the feasts.

  6. I didn’t read the other comments as of yet, so sorry if I repeat someone else’s point.I do believe we should observe the Sabbath. For one reason, it is one of the 10 commandments, and though Jesus made allowance for the disciples to pick corn, and there are allowances made for the “ox falling in the ditch” – I don’t see that He did away with the commandment entirely.The early church started observing Sunday as the Sabbath, because of the Resurrection, as that became the most important event in the history of mankind, whereas Creation had been up til that time. I am guessing had they been wrong on changing the day, God would have shown them, so Sunday works fine for me, but I don’t imagine the day we choose is all that important to God, so much as the fact that we take a day that we set apart for Him.Personal convictions and the way we are raised play a big part, but I personally think we all need to be more careful how we observe it. I personally don’t shop or eat out on the Sabbath – my reasoning is if I won’t work on Sunday, why should I take advantage of others doing it, but that can be a personal conviction.I do believe we should set the day aside to not to anything work-wise that is not necessary – also maybe a personal conviction. Such as laundry, house cleaning, etc.I so firmly believe in the work issue, that I am still working a part-time job, having problems getting a full time because of my Sunday work stance. There are Christians who advise me to go ahead and work it, but the working on Sunday issue aside, I fear the consequences on me spiritually if I were to miss many church services.Another thing on the commandment: Christ came to fulfill the law, not do away with it. Sure, we don’t have the strict Sabbath rules that the Jews had – like walking so far, not carrying more than a certain weight, but I believe God is pleased when we do observe His Sabbath.One last point: Most of us believe in the tithe principle – giving God 1/10 of what we have – would that not apply to our time also? And if so, then why not set the Sabbath aside as giving Him most of that 1/10 of our time.

  7. Thanks for the thoughts Mark.I will put together a post in the near future about my thoughts on the Sabbath. However, I want to emphasize that we all need to be sure that we don’t cause another brother to stumble. Each person is to be fully convinced in his/her own mind. Whatever does not come from faith is sin.Craig

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