Posted by: Heather | January 8, 2009


Lance tagged me (after I gave him a rough time) a few days ago on his post “weird”

I don’t know the rules of this particular post / tag game. Never one to let that get in my way, I am going to make up my own and then pass it on to some of you who turn up from time to time on my blog.

The rules this time, are to name the various jobs you have had. (things you have been paid to do is the basic idea)

Here is my list:
Haul firewood
Box boy at a grocery store (Warehouse Market, for those of you in Sandpoint old enough to remember it)
Stud snow tires
Sandwich Maker at Rax
Tire mechanic (3 different times, Les Schwab twice – first in Sandpoint, then Priest River; then Sandpoint Superior Tire)
Tire shop manager
Saw mill laborer
1 hour photo lab technician / Printing Press operator / Printing Sales Person
Front end mechanic
Saw mill clean-up person
Saw mill boiler operator
Saw mill boiler and dry kiln Lead man
Saw mill Planer Production Lead man / Relief Supervisor

Looks like I am destined to work with my hands

Ryan, Chad, Lance, and Lyle: Tag – you’re it.



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