Posted by: Heather | January 6, 2009

The Shack 2

If you have read The Shack, contrast this video with the way Mack talks to God when he first arrives at the shack.

Notice the tears running down his face. I don’t know the story, but there must be one. This man has met with God and learned to ask the question properly. Much more fulfilling than Mack’s tantrum.

We get to chose. Who will we be?




  1. that was really good!

  2. Happened upon your blog and watched this video tonight. Such a powerful message! And refreshing to see that not everyone has bought into the popular idea that dragging God down to our level is somehow possible and necessary for us to “understand” Him. We’re not asked to understand, we’re asked to worship because it’s the only reasonable thing left to us in light of what God has done for us! Anyway, wanted to thank you for posting this video. Hope to have the chance to read more of your blog in the coming days.God bless.Steven

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