Posted by: Heather | December 24, 2008

No More Night

A month ago tomorrow the elders met at a family’s house to pray for healing. A wife and mother was in mortal combat with cancer. Her weak and frail frame told the story of a long and difficult journey. Her face, however, told the story of a peace and joy that passes understanding. I have never seen a person more frail and fragile. She could just barely move from the recliner in the corner of the room to the rocking chair in the center of the room where we prayed for her.

However, I do not believe I have ever been in the presence of such strength. I felt like a midget among giants in that home. There was a peace and confidence in Christ that radiated from that entire family. I knew that I was to pray for God to heal her. I knew that we were to boldly approach the throne of Grace, crawl up on the lap of our Father and ask for healing. I did not know what the answer would be. I knew God was going to do what He wanted, and that He is the Giver of good gifts, in whom is not the slightest change or shifting shadow. Yet beside them my faith seemed so frail.

After the elders prayed she prayed. She entered into the presence of God in such a way that I just cannot describe. After we prayed for them, we sang some songs. Her frail frame seemed to be set aside as she sang “It Is Well With My Soul” (Hers was the loudest voice in the room!)

Last week, she won her struggle. She is now in the presence of our Lord. When I heard that she had passed away, my first reaction was to think God didn’t heal her after all. But that thought was not even complete in my mind before I KNEW that God did in fact heal her. You see, the world she is in now is REAL. When compared with our reality, It has surpassing reality. Ours is the temporary one. Hers is the permanent one. She is in the arms of Jesus. How dare I even begin to think that God has not healed her. God has taken a wretched sinner destined for Hell and damnation and restored her to himself. She will now live in the very presence of the Risen Lamb for eternity. If that isn’t healing, what is? We need to stop viewing things on just the physical earthly level. We need to start seeing things the way God sees them, because that is the ultimate reality.

O Death, where is your sting? O Grave, where is your victory?

She leaves behind a husband and 6 children. I do not grieve for her at all. But I do grieve their loss. Please pray that God will continue to uphold them in this time of trial and temptation.

This experience has been very instructive to me as my own father struggles with cancer. Father, please give me the strength I saw in that home. Give me the confidence that radiates to the world that my home is not here and my treasure is in another place. WE have a Hope beyond the grave!




  1. Thanks for sharing that! It sounds like you had an incredible time of worship with that family and she is truly healed.

  2. God is so faithful. I thought many things when I read your post, but my last fleeting thought was that yup, God does answer prayer. Not always in the ways that we expect. But in hindsight we can look back and say, wow, His solution was so much more complete than what I thought I was asking for. I have been surprised so many times as I have prayed, prompted by the Spirit to use particular words or expressions, which true meanings have been revealed later in Gods time. Many times I didnt even know what I was actually asking for…Having said that, my heart still goes out to that family who (although having a peace, comfort and joy that passes understanding) still have human sadness and pain to contend with.

  3. […] I have a cousin who has gone to be with the Lord in the last month.  I say HAVE because he is still alive.  He has never been better. […]

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