Posted by: Heather | November 30, 2008

Our little man

Tyson and I have been hunting 3 or 4 times a week for the entire season. We have been sitting in the cold, we have tried stalking, but no luck. Last week some very generous friends of ours gave us permission to use a stand on their property overlooking an alfalfa field. We have spent 4 or 5 evenings in the stand watching for the pesky 4 legged critters, but no luck. Last night, just at dust 2 deer stepped out. Tyson pulled up on one, took careful aim, and squeezed off a shot. True to his heritage, he missed. (Just like dad has done so many times) We went and checked for evidence of a hit just to be sure, but there was none.

So this afternoon we went out again. Tyson didn’t dress as warmly as he should have, so I stopped and got a thermos of coffee just in case he needed it. He did. About 20 minutes before it was too dark to shoot, a deer stepped out in the same place Tyson shot at yesterday. Tyson was shaking from cold so badly. I watched him pull up and aim, then try again, and finally he told me, “Dad, I’m too cold to take that shot.” and put his gun down. I was so proud of him. He knew this was probably our last outing this year, and that this was most likely his last chance. But he decided not to risk injuring the deer.

I have worked hard to make sure we follow the rules. We don’t hunt on private ground without permission. We will not fill each other’s tags, (or let others fill ours for us). We don’t shoot from the road. (we have seen them, but that isn’t legal) Tyson made a manly decision today, and I am so proud of him. He took it like a man, too.

Thank you God for empty hands today, I was in the presence of a good man. That is so much better.




  1. Can’t wait to take Camden out, that sounds like a blast!

  2. A proud moment, indeed!!! Most young men would not have shown that kind of maturity. Good job, Dad!!! Tyson is one of a kind and you and Heather are doing a great job. I’m certain that raising a teenage boy isn’t always easy, but he’s growing up to be an exceptional young man. Kids don’t turn out that way by accident.

  3. i hope someday i am man enough to even go out and hunt = )cool story…

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