Posted by: Heather | November 28, 2008


Imagine posting about thankfulness the day after Thanksgiving. What a novel idea? Who would think of such a thing?

I am usually a day or so behind the rest of you anyway, so what else is new?

I have been pondering how central gratefulness is to the Christian walk. If I am not thankful, am I really walking with the God of Heaven, or have I deceived myself?

Many of us are familiar with the progression that takes place in Romans 1 where man walks away from God. But I just realized (in listening to Heather as she studied this recently) that God’s wrath is toward those in the first stages of the falling away. It is toward those who hold the truth, but pervert it by not honoring God, and not being thankful. As I thought about this, I realized that this is exactly what Adam and Eve did in the garden. The forbidden fruit only had appeal to them as they ceased to honor God in his proper place, and stopped being grateful for what he had provided for them.

I then think of Phil 4 where we are told to have anxiety over nothing, but in EVERYTHING by prayer and petition with thanksgiving we are to make our requests known to God.

Nothing profound, just another simple idea that hit home for me. If I am not thankful, I should be asking some pretty basic questions about whether or not I am on the broad path, or the narrow way.




  1. This is very similar to what our pastor said at church Sunday. He went as far as saying that to be ungrateful just shows a lack of faith in God always providing for us and not seeing what God has already done for us.

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