Posted by: Heather | November 2, 2008

Tyson’s first hunt

Today Tyson and I went out hunting deer for the first time since he got his license. Tyson went hunting with me last year on the day I got my deer, but only as a companion. This year he is licensed, armed, and dangerous. We went to a place I hunted about 3 years ago that has always showed promise, but I haven’t gotten anything there yet. I didn’t get home from work last night until almost 2am, so I wasn’t out of bed in time for a morning hunt. We left the house at about noon, got to our spot at about 1pm, and were out until about 5pm. We sat until about 3:30, but we need to work a little more on sitting quietly. The whole point of sitting is to be still and quiet so that something might walk by. Some of us were having trouble doing this, so I decided controlled movement might be a better strategy. So we walked down an old skid trail and found a place where a buck is really tearing things up in the woods. We sort of looked over his scrapes and rubs, and found a place he seems to frequent a lot. We came up with a plan to sit and ambush him, but it was too late today to set it up. Will try to set it up again tomorrow night.

We will try sitting again tomorrow next to this old boy’s trail, and see what happens. You know, as a boy, the definition of a successful hunt in my mind was bringing home the game. However, as a father, getting home safe with no outbursts or bad behavior (on my part) and keeping priorities straight (my son is more important than the game) is a successful outing. So tomorrow if the old buck comes by, I will have to keep that in mind, because win lose or draw, Tyson is still a man in the making.




  1. I’m extremely proud of you as a father and husband, Craig. It brings me great joy to see you and Tyson doing “guy stuff”. It’s so important to have positive influence at this point in a young man’s life. It’s hard to believe he’s a teenager already. I love that fact that he’ll still give me a hug whenver I see him. 🙂 It won’t be long and he’ll be a man grown. Keep doing what you’re doing….. Your love is apparent in the lives of your children. M

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